Rehabilitation Services

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Getting your horse back on the road after an illness or injury is a critical time, and it is important that your horse has the right environment to relax and recuperate, in addition to round the clock care and supervision.


Here at Hands On, we have the luxury of a quiet environment with limited distractions.  All horses are kept with company whether stabled 24x7 or when turned out.  We are happy to work closely with vets and owners to ensure each resident has the very best conditions to promote recovery.


Emma has over 30 years experience with horses, and is well qualified.  More importantly though, Emma has had plenty first hand experience caring for horses with a variety of illnesses and injuries (including tendon & ligament injuries, suspensory desmititis (PSD), navicular disease, laminitis, colic plus acute and chronic wound management).


We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and to tailor a bespoke package for your horse.  Here are some of the services we can offer:

  • 7-day full livery service, including feed, hay/haylage & bedding.

  • Round the clock care, including late night checks and night time treatments, when needed.

  • Dressing changes, bandaging etc (as per your vet's instructions).

  • Assistance for vet & farrier visits and working with your vet to agree a suitable rehab plan.

  • Physio & Massage therapies (inc. Laser, Ultrasound, PEMF, Equissage, Arc Equine, Ice Vibe etc)

  • Controlled exercise (hand walking) and in hand grazing.

  • Lungeing, long-reining & ridden work.

As a guide, prices start from £15 per day (£450 per month).