Why is massage good?

  • Increased flexibility - horses can have restricted flexibility due to tightness, muscle fatigue and inflammation.  Massage therapy uses stretching to ensure correct alignment and rehydration of muscle fibres to improve flexibility.

  • Improved suppleness - suppleness is created by unrestricted movement in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.  In using massage and mobilisation, the horse's range of movement can increase.

  • Relieving tension - often tension manifests itself at the poll and massage/stretching in this area can reduce tension.

  • Bad behaviour - some behavioural issues are linked to tension and discomfort so massage can help with this.  Gentle massage techniques can also help to build trust and aid relaxation.

  • Helping muscle recovery - massage therapy removes adhesions, allowing waste products from exercise to be expelled.  Massage also improves circulation, bringing more blood and oxygen to the muscles to repair and replenish muscle fibres.

  • Detoxification  - massage techniques help to guide toxins and waste products from exercise to the lymphatic system.  This helps the body to get rid of them. Removing these waste products helps to avoid cramp and fatigue, whilst promoting hydration and repair.

  • Improved muscle condition - massage therapy improves muscle recovery and improves circulation and nutrient delivery to the muscles.  This allows muscles to grow and adapt to their workload.

  • Helps horse & rider balance and harmony - a massage therapist can identify potential rider imbalance through the tensions in the horse.  A horse can be "one-sided" when a rider is uneven in their seat.

 When to use massage?

  • As part of your horse's regular routine

  • Before, at or after a competition

  • To improve your horse's performance

  • After injury or surgery (as part of your horse's rehabilitation)



  • Visits to your yard are currently £40 per horse, additional charges will apply for journeys longer than an hour.

  • Discounts may apply for more than 2 horses treated.