Emma Willis
Equine Sports Massage, Rehabilitation & Therapy Services

Meet Emma


I am a fully qualified and insured equine sports massage therapist and currently completing a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy.  I am a firm believer in "hands on" therapy so I use my hands first and then may use other therapies to support your horse.  I bring 30+ years of equine experience in various disciplines and I have solid academic background too.


This experience allows me to help you and your horse to achieve your goals through my understanding of anatomy, the demands of your sport and a keen eye for horse behaviour and reactions.

Emma Willis BSc (Hons) Equine Science, BHSAI & Int SM, EMT

The Benefits of Massage

Massage can help to reduce or eliminate muscle pain, stiffness and tension.  It improves circulation, removal of waste products and it can also improve flexibility and muscle function.

Horses are very good at coping with discomfort, creating compensatory locomotor strategies (different ways of moving) to avoid pain and continue to move.  These strategies result in fatigue, stiffness and tension which massage can help to resolve.  


Massage also helps to relax your horse both physically and mentally, helping them to excel in your chosen discipline.


Sports Massage TherapyI currently treat horses in Southern Scotland (i.e. south of the M8 corridor) and Fife.  Yard visits further afield can be arranged for 4 or more horses.

Rehabilitation LiveryBespoke livery packages are available here at Hands On HQ for horses requiring support following injury or surgery. We are conveniently situated for Clyde Vet, Armac & Two Rivers and can offer a quiet environment, with a companion, whilst your horse recovers.  Additional physio services available on site.


Please note:  My training allows me to detect and treat muscular related problems. I am not a veterinary surgeon and therefore, I cannot diagnose ailments but I will recommend veterinary referral if appropriate.  


To work within my duty of care to both you and your horse I may require permission from your vet, prior to treating your horse (Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966).  I am happy to contact your vet for this or you can contact them directly.